Frequently asked


Below are some answers to commonly asked questions. If however, you have a question that remains unanswered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Im hearing feedback from my speakers - is this normal?

Amplifier inputs are extremely sensitive due to the high gain factor. In combination with inherent microphonics of tubes, at certain settings this can elicit powerful feedback from the speakers – even without a guitar being connected!

This occurs primarily when Crunch and Lead channels (that is, all channels whose preamp is easily overdriven) are activated and the following settings are dialed in:
Gain and/or Lead Gain knob past the 12 o´clock position;
Treble knob past the 12 o´clock position;
Crunch/Lead Volume knob past the 12 o´clock position;
Presence knob past the 12 o´clock position

Can i damage my speakers?

Yes. And your hearing. Avoid setting the aforementioned knobs to extreme positions (that is, combinations in which several of these knobs are set past the 12 o´clock position). This type of configuration can cause considerable feedback that could well damage your hearing and destroy speakers. If you set the Volume or Master knobs to higher volume levels, always make sure to back off amplification levels to prevent feedback by turning the Lead channel Gain knobs down. The same applies to these channels´ Treble and Presence knob settings.

Should I power on without familiarising myself with the controls?

No. Before you power the amp up, take a moment to check out the control panel and make sure that these knobs are not set to any extreme configuration.

Why can I hear some faint background noise?

You may hear slight background noise right after you power a tube amp up or even while you are operating. It manifests as intermittent hissing or sizzling, crackling, or popping noises. Caused by tubes, this type of noise may even occur with brand new tubes. This noise is particularly noticeable in high-gain Lead channels; reason being that these channels´ gain stages are particularly powerful, amplifying noise along with these useful signal.
It is not necessary to swap tubes if you encounter this kind of noise every now and then, though you may consider replacing tubes if it becomes a constant companion.